Healthy Eating Tips for Girls

Healthy Tips

People look at the fit and say, oh its easy for them they are so fit. They don’t see the sweat and blood and sores put into achieving a great body. It really does take forever to look good. Thats the bad part. The good part is that forever is the rest of your life.

Tip #1: This is a lifestyle, not a diet.
Diets are for people who think that there is an easy solution to lose weight. What they dont realize is that after the diet they do gain pounds. So learn what foods are good for you and which are not. Oatmeal, Eggs, fruit, vegetables, cottage cheese, nuts should all be in the staple of your diet.

Tip #2: Get some kind of exercise.
Do work out for about 15 minutes a day. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, ab work outs are all great. Get a free standing pull up bar if you have to. It will be worth it. Get a kettle ball, yoga ball, or other supplements to help you.

Tip #3: Write down why you want to do it. Whatever reason is ok. Vanity, sexiness, health are all great reasons.

Tip #4: Discuss this with a friend. Share goals. Be specific. This will help and motivate you to work harder.

Pink Hot Tubs are Really Cool

Ya Digg? I think so too especially with bubbles coming out. It looks like champaign or something crazy lol. Especially in small hot tubs it is really cute!

A perfect collision of high-energy and high-concept, “Hot Tub” benefits from near-complete lack of inhibition and a total immersion in dude-centered shenanigans. It knows the genres it’s riffing on and how to up the ante. And in Rob Corddry’s hilariously manic turn, it has the most memorable showcase for a goofball co-star since Michael Keaton in 1982’s “Night Shift.”

I love pink

Hi!!!! Welcome to my blog. I love pink! I like everything that is pink. Socks, shoes, pants and little ribbons in my hair. My favorite month is cancer month because of the cause and because of the ribbons! They are soo cute. I’ll be writing more about what I like real soon.